Muslim American Seniors

The population of the United States is aging, and Muslim Americans are no exception. This results in a growing number of elderly Muslims who are both a resource for the community – wise, experienced, with time and money to spare – and a responsibility of the community – in need of social, medical, or financial care.
 This page will deal with three aspects of this important subject:

  • 1.    How the elders can live a meaningful life even as they advance in years.
  • 2.    How they can give back to their community through service and volunteerism.
  • 3.    How they can benefit from programs that are designed to help them.

If you are an elder Muslim, or one who takes care of one (and everyone may, sooner or later), or a community leader engaged with issues of aging, this page is for you.

Let the discussion begin!


One thought on “Muslim American Seniors

  1. The ISNA 51st Annual Convention in Detroit, MI this Labor Day weekend featured a session titled Elderly Muslims: Challenges on an Aging Population. By al standards, the session was a success and demnstrated the need and promise of further work in this area. The about-70-chair room was pakced, with about 40 attndees sitting on the floor. The three-person panel was well recived. Many in the audience sought copies of their presentation. Here are the presentation for you to view.


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