Governance/Strategic Management

The Muslim American community is organized around mosques and Islamic centers. These institutions offer markers of identity to Muslims, whether they attend them and participate in their activities or not.

Almost in all cases, mosques and Islamic centers are incorporated and function as not-for-profit entities, exempt under 501(c)3 provisions of the tax code. They operate at different levels of professionalism and effectiveness, with much room to improve in most cases.

One area in which mosques and Islamic centers – and, in general, any Muslim community organization (MCO) – can benefit from enhanced professionalism and training is governance.

Effective governance encompasses a wide range of leadership responsibilities that include effective functioning of the governing board. Governance also includes strategic planning and implementation, as well as working with volunteers who, in almost all cases, are the most critical human capital of the organization.

We will use this page to discuss governance and strategic planning in MCOs. Maybe a little bit of working with volunteers, too.

Join us in the conversation, if you will.

By the way, if your organization is already talking about developing a strategic plan, or wants to know if it should, let’s talk. I know we can help, in sha’a Allah.


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