Murder on the Sidewalk

A 17-year old girl gets assaulted with an iron baseball bat and killed, and then dumped by a pond a couple of miles away. In today’s America, one might just look the other way and move on. It happens all over the place all the time, one might say.

Most of the times it happens somewhere far away. Most of the time there is a reason – even a twisted, illogical, unjustifiable, unacceptable reason. But when it happens in your neighborhood and it happens for no reason – at least apparently – you wonder why. You come up with all the scenarios in which it wouldn’t happen, and how the results could have been different.

The media has covered the story in some detail:

We will have to wait to hear more from the man charged with the murder to know why it happened. Even then we may not understand the motive or figure out what could have been done to prevent it from happening. Should we be all walking around with a ring of security around us, or not walking around at all?

Your thoughts?


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