UN and USA: The mantle of leadership

11th Plenary Meeting, General Assembly 65th Session: General Debate: MiscLetter sent to Senator Mark Warner, Senator Tim Kaine and Representative Barbara Comstock via their individual webpages. You are invited to send similar letters to your representatives. [Ignore the recent flap over the recent Security Council resolution. Time will tell how this plays out.]
As administrations change, policies are revamped, and a new course is set for our nation, one thing remains unaltered – that the United States continues to wear the mantle of unchallenged leadership in the community of nations. And while a new leadership team may exercise this role in ways different from the past, United States of America cannot abandon that role, and the responsibilities that come with it.

I submit to you that the United Nations is the most important stage at which the United States plays its leadership role for better or worse. And if service is at the heart of leadership, the UN is also the stage at which the United States must continue to be – as it has done for over 70 years – involved, committed and generous, so that the nations of the world respect our leadership for its character, not simply for its muscle.

You know better than many that the UN is more than a platform where we duel with friends and foes in an endeavor to keep the peace. It is also about improving the human condition. From human rights to hunger reduction, from disease eradication to universal education, from protecting the environment to reducing inequalities, 193 nations of the world have united around 17 sustainable development goals to transform the world we live in.

And while the UN is not perfect, it is the best hope we have for a world that may be a little more peaceful, a little more educated, a little less hungry, a little more habitable, and a little more sustainable. You know better than many that such a world will be in the highest national interest of the United States.

So, I write to you today not to advocate one position or another that you may hold or take on specific issues in this respect, but to simply request this – that whatever the issue may be, you take the side of continued, indeed enhanced, affirmative and energetic United States support for the United Nations, and that you urge your colleagues in the United States Congress to do the same.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.


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