High Murder In North Carolina

Three young persons were murdered in North Carolina by a man who claims to be against God – an anti-theist, they say. Of all the theist persons he had come across, he choose these three – young, outstanding citizens, and visibly Muslim persons. Did he want to kill three young theists? Did he want to kill three outstanding citizens who were theist? Or Did he want to kill three Muslim theists?
We do not know the definite answer yet, but we have our suspicions. We will have to wait for his day in the court to know who he really wanted to kill, and why.
However, this we know. There is a whole well-financed public mis-information industry churning the wheels that propel men of ill-will to conceive of and carry out actions that attempt to demonize and destroy the Muslim presence in America. They are propelled by a phobia of Islam, and are motivated by hatred of Muslims. They are misguided, even though they know not. The challenge for Muslim Americans is ensure the triumph of truth about Islam over ignorance about Islam and Muslims – in person and in the media.

One attempt to meet this challenge has now been launched by The Bridge Initiative of the Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. We wish them all success. Check them out at bridge.georgetwon.edu.


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