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UPDATE ON Short Book “Moses on Leadership” Now Available

NOVEMBER 9, 2014


This short book is now available on Here is one review of the book.


The author analyzes the verses of Holy Quran on the story of one of the most important prophets of three Abrahamic religions, Musa (Arabic for biblical name Moses). All the prophets sent by Allah (Arabic for God), were leaders of the communities to whom they brought the divine message and showed its members the straight path.   Prophet Musa and his brother prophet Harun (Arabic for biblical name Aaron) were entrusted by Allah to face one of the most powerful and atrocious kings, Pharaoh. Accomplishment of this mission required a skillful leader. This book points out the leadership qualities of Prophet Musa that include an understanding the enormity of the mission, self-analysis, seeking help from his brother Harun, importance of clear communication, delegation of authority and seeking divine help, as documented by Quran. There are important lessons to be learned by leaders in social, philanthropic and commercial organizations from the story of Musa and Harun. The book shows that how effective leadership can promote ethical standards rather than ignoring them as generally reflected in today’s organizations.

Dr. Abdul Aziz, Ph.D. Associate Professor. Business Administration. School of Business and Management
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD.


The new short book “Moses on Leadership: A Qur’anic Narration” is now available on Kindle. Print edition will be available in a week or so.

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi writes: “You have done an amazing work in relating Prophet Moses’ story to our time and drawing many valuable and global principles of good leadership. This short book is a must read for all people, especially the leaders and those who aspire to be leaders.”

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Moses on Leadership: A Qur’anic Narration

Nov 3, 2014

by Iqbal Unus

Kindle Edition

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