Okay to marry among “good people”

In May this year, my wife and I were returning to Virginia from a visit to Arizona. On the plane across the aisle sat a women who turned to my wife and asked if she was Muslim. Getting an affirmative answer, she volunteered that she was Mormon and that she was on her way to Virginia to attend the wedding of her son to a Muslim young women. We congratulated her and wished them well. She explained that her ex-husband, who sat in the row in from of her, was against this marriage and did not want to go to the wedding at all. Then they decided to ask their church leader about this. The church leader told them, “Muslims are good people.” That changed the ex-husband’s mind, and now they and their two sons were headed to Virginia to attend the wedding of their newly-converted Muslim son with a Muslim women. It so happened that as we waited in the baggage area, my wife was even able to meet this young Muslim women who had come to pick them up. All because the good church leader expressed his sentiment clearly: “Muslims are good people.”


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