A Profile of a Different Type

Welcome to this first post on this new blog!

Why this blog? This blog aims at profiling Muslims – no, not the type you are thinking about. It aims to bring into focus a collective profile of the Muslim presence in the United States. Not that this is not being done by others. Just that, our focus will be to document anecdotes and snippets that characterize the Muslim community in its many faces, phases and foibles. The real Muslim community, as it goes about its daily life in a social environment – pluralistic in many ways – that seems sometimes open and sometimes closed to its ‘different-ness’.

Along the way, we might share comments and commentary on issues of interest.

Welcome, again.
Iqbal Unus


One thought on “A Profile of a Different Type

  1. Ashar Akhtar shared this story with us. It is a story that bodes well for the future. It speaks to the possibility of enhancing understanding in the midst of campaigns stirring up misunderstanding, building relationships to counter hostility. [It doesn’t hurt to point out that this story is located at Emory University, my alma mater.]
    Muslim and Jewish students join to celebrate art
    By Summer Suleiman, CNN

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