The Imam from Within – New Leadership in the Muslim Community

The American Imam?

The following news story is an example of an evolving – and very welcome – phenomenon: the emergence of new leadership in Muslim community’s mosques and Islamic centers in the form of young imams who were born, raised, educated and indeed acculturated in America. Let’s share the published stories of such imams on this blog. If you know of such imams whose stories have not been published, share any contact information you have, so that we can communicate with them and write their stories. This is a narrative that we need to share with the mainstream religious and civil society.

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Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Iqbal Unus

Here is another (supportive) point of view:

Another story about an American-born imam:


A Profile of a Different Type

Welcome to this first post on this new blog!

Why this blog? This blog aims at profiling Muslims – no, not the type you are thinking about. It aims to bring into focus a collective profile of the Muslim presence in the United States. Not that this is not being done by others. Just that, our focus will be to document anecdotes and snippets that characterize the Muslim community in its many faces, phases and foibles. The real Muslim community, as it goes about its daily life in a social environment – pluralistic in many ways – that seems sometimes open and sometimes closed to its ‘different-ness’.

Along the way, we might share comments and commentary on issues of interest.

Welcome, again.
Iqbal Unus